Joint webinar organized by GRAU DATA and Intel about `Parallel Data Mover for Lustre`
GRAU DATA and Intel invite to a joint webinar: Adam Roe from Intel and Kai Hambrecht from GRAU DATA present the software solution `Parallel Data Mover for Lustre“ and its advantages to the international audience.

GRAU DATA‘s hardware independent `Parallel Data Mover for Lustre`(PDM) enables high-performant parallel data transfer using the HSM API from Lustre. The software is an optimal solution to transfer data in parallel with highest speed between the parallel filesystem Lustre and backend technologies like Object Store, NAS or filesystem based archives. The PDM can scale up to thousands of nodes and is, at the same time, easy to administrate. The PDM is designed to handle node failures as well as infrastructure failures without any disruption of operation.