GRAU DATA is an expert on audit-proof archiving, hierarchical storage management, ransomware protection and scale-out storage solutions. Our many years of experience in software development are the basis and what drives us to offer optimal data management solutions today and in the future.

From Schwäbisch Gmünd into the world

GRAU DATA is a middle-sized, owner-operated company based in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a town in southern Germany. From there, our 30 employees are always in touch with our selling agency in Paris and our strong partners all over the world. Our GRAU DATA products are being used worldwide by customers in various fields and industries.

Optimal software for your data

Audit-proof archiving, hierarchical storage management and ransomware protection are our fields of expertise. Since 2007, we’ve been focused on development and distribution of adequate software products. Security of your data, scalability and usability definitely come first when developing the GRAU DATA software portfolio.

Innovative and flexible solutions

GRAU DATA stands for innovative and flexible solutions for your data management. We are constantly developing and advancing our products to offer you the best performance, usability and security. All over the world yet still close by – as a customer or partner you will always have a direct contact person to help you with all your queries.

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. The journey of GRAU DATA started in 1988 with the mainframe-based magnetic tape library system. The company took its first steps into the world of data storage in Böhmenkirch under the name GRAU Automation.

This step turned out to be a great leap later on: Due to its dependability and multimedia ability, the product family of the ABBA magnetic tape library system, which would later be called AML (Automated Media Libraries), became well known all over the world as a GRAU trademark. Company shares were sold, but the journey was far from over.

Without hesitation, Herbert Grau and Ulrich Lechner dared a big new beginning: In 1998, GRAU DATA came into being. The founders realized the potential of ILM and storage alongside network backups to become a huge new trend. That being the case, they developed INFINISTORE, an integrated archiving system with a magnetic tape library, network computers, disk drives and a first generation archiving software. INFINISTORE systems are one of the first so-called NAS or archive appliances in the world. More than a hundred of these systems were installed in Germany and all over Europe.

A lot has happened in the computer world since then. GRAU DATA started to focus more on software when hierarchical storage management (HSM) and second generation archiving software arrived on the market. A new milestone followed immediately: In 2005, HP launched the archiving software File System Extender – an OEM product by GRAU DATA. As a result, GRAU DATA closed the chapter of tape robots and terminated their production in 2007. A new chapter began, starring software.

Countless steps further along their journey, GRAU DATA is an efficient middle-sized company rooted in Schwäbisch Gmünd, distributing their products all over the world. Through years of experience, the company and its products have constantly evolved, being a known expert today for audit-proof archiving, hierarchical storage management and ransomware protection.

Yet the journey goes on, one step at a time, always in the direction of better software solutions for your data. What will the future of data management hold?