The High-Performance Solution for Your Data Storage Management

Is your filing system swamped? Go beyond the boundaries of data storage with XtreemStore and unlock the full potential of your data!

The software combines the strengths of BeeGFS and OpenArchive and thus allows extremely powerful data archiving.

XtreemStore is the ideal storage management solution for companies and institutions working with huge amounts of data.

The XtreemStore software combines the best of both worlds for flexible and easy storage of big quantities of data. It consists of the parallel filing system BeeGFS by thinkparO (developed by Fraunhofer) and the HSM software OpenArchive by GRAU DATA. By combining both applications, you receive the advantages of a powerful parallel filing system and an efficient HSM archive in only one solution.

The scalable filing system can be individually adapted to meet your demands. It can also be extended to provide archives in the petabyte range. High performance is guaranteed even for enormous amounts and sizes of data. The ideal storage management solution for high-performance applications!


Current filing systems are being stretched to their limits these days. They are unable to cope with the amount of data, the throughput per filing system and very large files of 10 TB or larger. Besides, they do not provide global namespace for many individual filing systems. These restrictions

set limits for the processing options of large amounts of data and hold back companies and institutions and their data usage. In order to exceed these limits and unlock the full potential of the data, powerful storage technologies such as XtreemStore are required.


XtreemStore combines the strengths of two high-performance technologies: The integrated HSM software OpenArchive can maintain scalable archives of several 100 million files and petabyte of data – due to Hierarchical Storage Management highly efficiently. Maximum performance even for large amounts of data is guaranteed through the integrated parallel filing system BeeGFS.

It bursts all limits of what was possible up to this point when it comes to file numbers and throughput per filing system as well as the size of individual data. The physical storage of data is completed in phases in many underlying standard filing systems. The administration of data remains easy through a global namespace and a coherent external interface.

Do you finally want high-performance data storage? Do you have any questions concerning XtreemStore or do you require individual advice for your company? Feel free to directly contact us here.