Scaleable Object Store Archiv-Software for Disk & Tape

Your data growth significantly and you reach technically and budgetary limits? Then XtreemStore is the ideal solution!

This very scaleable object based software eliminates the limits of traditional hierarchical storage systems (HSM). Data is archived thru an S3 Interface – local or in the cloud – to disk or tape media. Tape Media is a proven technology and will also be in the future the archival media with the lowest TCO and the lowest power consumption for storing inactive data. XtreemStore combines a modern cloud interface (S3) with the proven LTO tape technology.

GRAU DATA stands for efficient data management and archiving since its foundation. With XtreemStore, we now have completely redeveloped, high-performance, object-based software for archiving inactive data on disk and tape. The data management solution is universally applicable in any IT environment and independent of the existing hardware. XtreemStore builds on recognized standards and releases companies from proprietary systems that do not allow for comprehensive and optimal data management in heterogeneous environments.

The powerful object store also has a generic and advanced S3 interface for data management and archiving, locally and in the cloud. An integrated NoSQL database enables the management of billions of objects. A distributed server architecture enables horizontal scalability with simultaneous reliability. XtreemStore is predestined for use on premise in its in-house data center and as a high-performance archive system for Managed Service Providers (MSP).


As IT demands grow, data growth grows unbridled and heterogeneous environments – both locally and in the cloud – IT specialists are struggling to scale and expand existing server and data storage. Up to 80 percent of the stored data is inactive. They occupy expensive storage, burden the performance of the systems and also require costly administration effort. A traditional HSM pushes its limits here and is unable to distribute the data meaningfully and economically to different systems. The result: storing, archiving, and managing large volumes of unstructured data are becoming increasingly complex and expensive.


XtreemStore is universally applicable and ensures high-performance and economic data management. The object-based XtreemStore software is capable of storing and archiving billions of objects and Petabytes or Exabyte of data on disk and tape. Any application can easily and easily write and read data through the XtreemStore S3 interface. The architecture of XtreemStore supports vertical and horizontal scaling, so that billions of objects can be stored efficiently and redundantly. 

Based on meta-attributes, XtreemStore groups the data and controls the archiving of data based on the ideal disk and / or tape-based data pools. Expensive on-line storage is relieved by relocating little or unused data to secondary disks or tape, and minimizing administrative overhead. The integrated Web and CLI-based monitoring and alerting system via Zabbix and SNMP gives IT administrators a consolidated view of all data pools – primary, secondary or on tape – saving valuable time.

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