Schwaebisch Gmuend May 25, 2021 – The WORM-Appliances with the GRAU DATA archiving software FileLock are now equipped with an even more powerful storage solution. With the upgrade of all three appliance variants, Dell EMC NX3240 NAS systems with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 and the Dell OpenManage ™ Management Console are now used.

The WORM-Appliances offer secure, automated and revision-proof WORM long-term archiving of sensitive and sensitive data according to current compliance guidelines – for example according to GoBD, SEC, BAO, GeBÜV or other compliance guidelines. The solutions are also certified by KPMG and are suitable for data archiving, for example in the areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, finance, the automotive and manufacturing industries, research or public administration.

The WORM-Appliances fit seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures. They require a minimum of administration effort and can be scaled quickly and easily, depending on the requirements. When saving, for example from a PACS, DMS or email system, the data on the appliances is automatically provided with WORM protection and can then be read, but no longer changed. Optionally, the WORM data storage can be replicated on a second system in order to adhere to compliance guidelines.

The WORM-Appliances are offered by Dell Technologies in three volume variants: “Small” up to 8 TB (net) storage capacity, “Medium” up to 24 TB (net) storage volume and an “L” version up to 60 TB (net) capacity.