GRAU DATA presents the new Blocky Ransomware protection at the security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg.

The BlockySuite software is specifically designed for the protection of backups and is the last and at the same time safest line of defense for backup data in addition to traditional security solutions. The BlockySuite for example Blocky4Backup is based on the proven WORM technology of GRAU DATA. Originally developed as archiving software, FileLock offers system-inherent protection against ransomware, as FileLock prevents any changes.

However, changing the data is necessary for the backup process. The Windows-based BlockySuite combines both requirements by allowing only fingerprint-tested applications, such as backup solutions, to modify backup data. Blocky is easy to install on Windows based systems and requires minimal administration overhead.

As an optimized and adapted solution, GRAU DATA also presents the new Blocky Ransomware protection software for Veeam® customers. Blocky offers Veeam Backup & Replication™ customers the ability to seamlessly integrate ransomware protection into their backup and restore operations.