GRAU DATA Blocky for Veeam® for protecting backup data from ransomware will also be in the COMBACK portfolio in the future.

Schwaebisch Gmuend, April 21, 2020 The IT services specialist COMBACK is a reseller of GRAU DATA. As part of the extended partnership, COMBACK now also has the Blocky for Veeam® security software from GRAU DATA in its portfolio. Blocky is a software based on WORM technology that was specially developed to protect backup data. Blocky is the last line of defense for backups against ransomware, because with WORM technology, data can only be changed by the dedicated backup software using fingerprint authentication methods. All other write access, including that of ransomware, is consistently prevented. In the reseller agreement, COMBACK will take over the distribution, installation and service of blocky ransomware protection for its customers.

“Blocky ransomware protection fits perfectly into our portfolio in three ways. First, we are specialists in high-security IT solutions. Protecting backup data is a matter of course. Second, many of our customers use Veeam as a backup solution. Blocky for Veeam® integrates seamlessly and easily into the systems. In this way, our customers receive an all-round carefree package from a single source and can always be sure of their backups – both physically and in terms of software. The third aspect, which is just as important for us, is that we can also offer Blocky for Veeam® to our service customers as a supplement to our Veeam Cloud Connect service. We have already successfully implemented the first implementations at Veeam Cloud Connect customers,” explains Marcus Stier, Product Management & Marketing at COMBACK GmbH.

“The strategic partnership between GRAU DATA and COMBACK has existed since 2001 and was further intensified at the beginning of this year. One result of this is the reseller agreement for our Blocky, which specifically and reliably protects backup data against encryption by ransomware,” said Harry Weik, Head of Sales & Marketing at GRAU DATA.