The simple solution for audit-proof archiving according to GoBD

Audit-proof archiving is made simple with FileLock! No cutover of your IT structure, no intervention of your workflow: The WORM software fits in seamlessly with your existing system. True to the motto: Simplify Compliance!

FileLock is the ideal solution to archive your company documents according to the German GoBD law. The software makes audit-proof archiving easy, cost-effective and flexible for you.

You don’t need to adapt your IT structure to implement FileLock. The existing structure can still be used, which allows you to not only save time but also costs for storage management. FileLock also fits in seamlessly with existing software environments so that you can continue to use any and all applications without adaption – including system management, backup, virus scanner, as well as accounting or virtualization software. Once it is integrated, FileLock automatically saves new files in an audit-proof way.

Easy, cost-effective and flexible – Simplify Compliance with FileLock!


Does your archiving violate the law? Dealing with business partners is governed by strict laws in Germany. Every company is legally required by various fiscal and commercial laws to audit-proof archiving of electronic data. Infringements can lead to fines in the range of millions. However, implementing these laws presents companies of any size with considerable challenges:

Securing compliance, adapting IT structures and new workflows are expensive and time-consuming. But there’s no need to waste energy: FileLock offers you an easy, flexible and inexpensive solution.


Due to WORM functionality, newly generated data is automatically saved so that it cannot be altered. For the user himself, nothing changes. He can continue to access data through the filing system, as he is used to, because the data can be read any number of times. Any attempts to alter something are being blocked completely, at least during the appointed retention time. Only after this time it is possible delete the data again. This way, unauthorised access to archived data is eliminated. Yet, FileLock does not only secure new documents, even existing data can be archived audit-proof afterwards. This offers a simple solution for audit-proof archiving of data without interfering with existing systems and running processes.

The FileLock software runs on standard Windows servers as well as a virtual machine and it is individually scalable to meet your system requirements.


See for yourself: Download FileLock now and try it for 60 days – non-binding and for free. The 60 day trial starts with setting up a WORM volume.

Upon expiry of the free trial, you have two options:

Are you convinced and want to continue using FileLock? If you purchase the software, you receive a current license without a time limit.

You don’t want to purchase FileLock? Just delete the software and get the storage space back.

Please note that it is not possible to access data after the free trial expires. Data can neither be altered nor read.

Download FileLock for Windows now:

License Agreement

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Modification, reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or disassembly of the software is expressly prohibited without written permission from GRAU DATA GmbH. In some countries a limited disassembly or reverse compiling is allowed without permission. Please ask the legal department of GRAU DATA GmbH for more information about this. You are not permitted to decode the software unless the decoding it is a part of the software functionality.


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Some States do not allow the exclusion of limitation of liability or incidental or consequential damages, in which case this limitation my not apply to you.

The software was exclusively developed from private costs. The software and the documentation are defined and licensed as “Commercial Computer Software”.

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For version 2.2.6 and higher, FileLock implemented a new procedure to verify the system time on the FileLock system and the administrated storage volume. This operates on the principle of comparing times: In order to compare the FileLock system with a verified time server and synchronize it, your local FileLock time service needs the key that is provided here.

Please copy the following key and paste it into the window “Apply TimeSync Key” of the FileLock GUI:

or download the key file for upload into the FileLock GUI.
Important:The presented key is generated based on the actual UTC and can only be used now (within 12 hours). You have to use a new Time Sync key for synchronizing again.


The software FileLock for electronic data archiving according to legal regulations has been examined by KPMG and certified according to the generally accepted accounting principles GAAP (Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung GoB). You can download the legal opinion of FileLock in English here, „FileLock Gutachten Englisch“, and in German here, „FileLock Gutachten Deutsch“.

Do you want simple audit-proof archiving? Do you have any questions about FileLock or do you require individual advice for your company? Feel free to directly contact us here.