Ransomware is a nuisance and many companies are in treacherous security. The rule that backups could restore encrypted data and ignore the ransom pressures of cybercriminals has been misleading to many. Because this is only correct if a complex backup strategy with copies locally, in the cloud and above all on systems and media that are decoupled from the actual corporate network and thus unreachable for the ransomware, is installed. For medium-sized or smaller companies such backup concepts are usually too expensive and also unwieldy.

And even if a company has such backup and disaster recovery systems, the recovery and associated damage is extremely high, as the example of Atlanta shows. The production alone after a SamSam attack cost the city over $ 2.6 million. And in a digital world, cities like Atlanta are just around the corner. Incidentally, Europe ranks second in the ransomware-ridden list.

But now companies can protect themselves against malicious encryption of backups by ransomware, regardless of the existing security or backup infrastructure. Blocky4Backup by GRAU DATA is a special protection program that does not allow encryption of backups. The software is based on the WORM technology from GRAU DATA, which was originally developed for the archiving solution FileLock. Thus, in the first step, all the data of the backup can not be changed. However, as the backup software requires read and write access, it is allowed a secure and dedicated access, secured via fingerprint. Ransomware but also other dangers are therefore excluded in the truest sense of the word.

Blocky4Backup is easy and straightforward to install on Windows-based systems and requires minimal administration overhead. As an optimized and adapted solution, Blocky Ransomware protection is available for Veeam® customers. This variant specifically gives Veeam Backup & Replication™ customers the ability to seamlessly integrate ransomware protection into their backup and restore operations.