Revision-proof archiving of data with the Dell Technologies WORM appliance: fast, easy and secure using the GRAU DATA WORM software technology.

Schwäbisch Gmünd, February 18, 2020 – Value-added distributor ADN has had the Dell Technologies WORM appliance in its portfolio since the third quarter of 2019. System houses and IT solution providers not only have direct access to the highly scalable hardware and software solution, but also to detailed information, training, webcasts and events.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the appliance was presented at the Dell Technologies forums in Hamburg and Berlin and the first webcasts for partners and end customers took place. For 2020, communication for both resellers and users will be further expanded.

“The Dell Technologies WORM appliance is exactly what system houses and IT service providers are looking for. It can be integrated quickly and independently of the existing infrastructure at the end customer and is easy to administer. This gives our partners an excellent opportunity to address revision-proof archiving with just one central appliance and to further expand the business, ”explains Boris Karsunky, head of the Dell Technologies business unit at ADN.

Revision-proof archiving made easy

Revision-proof archiving of data, e.g. according to the rules of GoBD, SEC, BAO, GeBÜV, is quick and easy with the WORM appliance. The appliance consists of proven Dell EMC hardware and GRAU DATA WORM software. The WORM archive not only guarantees the immutability of sensitive data. The solution is also certified in accordance with KPMG’s current compliance guidelines and thus withstands controls by authorities and inspection organizations.

The appliance can be integrated into existing IT environments with little effort and is quickly integrated regardless of existing storage and archive systems. It combines long-term use with high scalability in three expansion stages: “Small” with up to 8 TB (net) storage capacity, “Medium” with a maximum of 25 TB (net) storage volume and the “Large” version with a capacity of 60 TB (net). An XL variant with a capacity of over 60TB is provided individually.

“Audit-proof archiving is a must for every company. With the Dell Technologies WORM appliance and the integrated, proven GRAU DATA WORM archive software, partners and users have an easy-to-use and highly scalable archive solution. The combination of Dell Technologies and GRAU DATA creates a unique solution to solve compliant archiving simply, quickly and, above all, securely, ”explains Herbert Grau, CEO of GRAU DATA.