Hardware-Independent Software WORM on Disk

FileLock is a hardware-independent software product which ensures WORM functionality based on standard hard disk systems. Since a lot of business relevant data must be stored in an unchangeable format for „compliance“ reasons in accordance with country-specific legal requirements, this makes FileLock the perfect solution.

FileLock allows written files to be read, but not to be altered within a set life time. Only when this „retention period“ timeframe is met, can the file be deleted. Unauthorised access is no longer possible with FileLock. Even existing file systems can subsequently be write-protected.

FileLock runs under standard Windows and also under VMware on a „Virtual Machine“. Every application can write data, via CIFS or NFS, directly to a file system protected by FileLock. A proprietary API is not necessary.

As FileLock is able to use the existing server and disk storage infrastructure, an audit-compliant archive can be implemented in a cost-effective manner.

FileLock can be seamlessly integrated into this existing software environment. All requirements and applications like system management, backup, virus scanner, accounting or virtualisation software can continue to be operated with no adaptation required.

FileLock is scaleable in accordance with customer requirements. Installations can be made under virtual machines as well as on complex 64-bit cluster structures with no difficulties. Our aim is to simplify compliance.


FileLock enables simple and auditcompliant archiving of company data according to country regulations such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act). An ideal approach, for example, to migrate data from technically out-dated jukeboxes.

This brings about considerable reductions of storage management costs because the existing IT infrastructure can continue to be used, e. g. EqualLogic.

The user continues to use their normal data access methods. The archived data are directly available to the user via file system, but cannot be modified any more.


■ WORM on Disk
■ SnapLock Interface
■ Standard Filesystem
■ Free selection of any disk storage system
■ Integration into the existing infrastructure
■ Audit-compliant such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
■ Open interface for Windows (CIFS, NFS)
■ Application-independent
■ VMWare „ready”
■ Cluster capability
■ incl. compliant replication software