consists of the parallel file system BeeGFS from thinkparQ GmbH (developed by Fraunhofer) and the HSM software OpenArchive from GRAU DATA GmbH.

The HSM software OpenArchive, integrated in the XtreemStore, is equipped with a software design that can administrate very large and scalable archives with many hundreds of millions of files and petabytes of data. OpenArchive can be placed on standard file systems such as NTFS (Windows) and ext (Linux) and can make all new developments in a filesystem immediately available.

Current standard file systems reach their limits in the following areas:

  • Number of files in one file system
  • Throughput per file system
  • Throughput of very large files, which can be 10 TB or larger
  • No 'Global Namespace' with many individual file systems, e.g. several hundred millions to billions of files.

Special high-performance parallel file systems, also known as meta-file systems, are an elegant way to overcome these limitations. Physical storage continues to take place on different underlying standard file systems (ext3, xfs). There is a global namespace with a unified interface toward the exterior.

With the software bundle consisting of BeeGFS and OpenArchive, GRAU DATA provides a highly performant, scalable storage system at moderate cost in combination with the possibility to export rarely used data on cost effective storage media within one 'Global Namespace' to the user.