Too much inactive Data on your Fileservers?

With GRAU DATA’s FileserverArchiver (FSA), inactive data from a file server can be transferred to NAS devices. The relocation is transparent and depicts itself as an enlargement of the file system. The rules for the migration can be individually configured.

FSA automatically analyzes data from fileservers according to predefined parameters. Inactive and/or seldom-used files are then automatically transferred to any desired NAS storage or archive system, e.g. GRAU’s ArchiveManager. The user can access the relocated data whenever desired. FSA software completes the concept of hierarchical storage management in heterogeneous networks.

The client decides where to store which data on the basis of cost, access speed and security requirements. The advantages are central administration, simple integration of NAS devices, and implementation of an error-tolerant environment.

Parallel copies can be written onto numerous archives. If one archive malfunctions, FSA automatically retrieves the data from a second or third archive. FSA frees space on file servers, reduces backup volumes in the network, and shortens restore times for backup data. This leads to reductions in the costs of investments and operation. Even very large file systems can be speedily managed via the “event-triggered migration” function.