Tiered Storage Data Archiving Without Limits

Data and information form the capital of any company. Making these available when required is the task of the IT department. And this makes efficient archiving absolutely essential. The ArchiveManager is a tiered storage, HSM and archiving solution which integrates seamlessly into an existing Windows or Linux system environment.

The Central Advantages of the ArchiveManager


Whether it be a medium-sized or large company, the ArchiveManager is freely scalable from several terabyte to multiple petabytes.


The ArchiveManager allows you to use varying hardware components from all of the major manufacturers as performance disks, archive disks or as LTO-based tape archives.


Only pay for the capacity that you need and scale up the capacity periodically as storage requirements increase.

Open Interface

The ArchiveManager presents a standard filesystem interface, using CIFS or NFS to communicate with the archive. Unlike other archive systems, no proprietary API is required to access data.


The ArchiveManager guarantees the compatibility of existing and future archiving products from independent software manufacturers (ISV) for DMS, email, files, audio, video, PACS, engineering and other applications. The list of certified archive applications is constantly being expanded.


The ArchiveManager maintains the standard file system directory structure allowing all users to access data in exactly the same way as they have done previously.  Applications directly connected to the archive continue to operate in the same way as previously.

Storage Pools

Fast disk-based systems or magnetic tapes? The ArchiveManager makes both options freely available, and enables to you combine your archive media to create a tailored tiered storage solutions, regardless of the combination; disk/disk, disk/tape, tape/tape, disk/tape/disk, disk/tape/tape, etc.

Data Security

With multiple copies, saved locally and/or remotely, you need not worry about your data. The metadata are stored in a redundant system in order to facilitate rapid disaster recovery should it be required.


The integrated WORM file system fulfils all compliance requirements like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and can also be complemented by unchangeable LTO WORM tapes.