Open Source Software to efficiently archive company data

Are you looking for the perfect archiving software that can be tailored precisely to your needs? With OpenArchive, you obtain maximum flexibility!

The open source software guarantees secure and efficient archiving and allows you to have full control of your data.

OpenArchive is the ideal solution for companies that want to securely and efficiently store growing amounts of data. Being an open source version of ArchiveManager, it offers all its benefits, except for compliance conformity and certification – while still allowing maximum flexibility and control of your data.

In order to store large amounts of data efficiently and economically, OpenArchive works with HSM, the hierarchical storage management. It adjusts the archiving structure so that every file can be saved with preferably little cost and reasonable loading time. This makes for the ideal combination of speed and cost – enabled by various hierarchical levels and storage media.

For you as the user, there are no changes. OpenArchive adopts your directory structure so that you can access all data as you used to. There is also no need to worry about security of your data, as data copies on different storage devices offer multi-layered safety nets.

Are you looking for an archiving solution that perfectly fits in with your IT system? The open source software gives you full control of your data. OpenArchive is compatible with other archiving products and runs with components of all manufacturers, not depending on hardware. It is also scalable for every company size, ranging from one terabyte up to several petabytes. Maximum flexibility for your data archiving!

The world of IT never stands still. That’s why OpenArchive is part of a dynamic process of development and is constantly upgraded with new functions. OpenArchive is a collaborative project that invites everyone to participate. Here at GRAU DATA, we continue to guarantee the quality of OpenArchive.


Every year, the newly created data in a company doubles, while it still has to be archived suitable for compliance. But what company wants to spend excessive sums of money only for storage space? With growing amounts of data, costs for storage capacity skyrocket as well. On top of that, it has to be ensured that the data storage is audit-proof.

The solution: An intelligent storage system that saves every file for as little costs as possible and guarantees that it is audit-proof. ArchiveManager shifts data that is not often used to slower but very inexpensive storage devices while often-read data remains quickly accessible on high-performance storages. All of which is of course appropriate to all compliance requirements.


ArchiveManager combines efficient HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) with audit-proof archiving. The filing system is located on a so-called performance disk where the storage location of each file is laid down. From there, data is transferred onto the respective storage device. To ensure that the data is one hundred percent secure, multiple copies are automatically made and saved in different locations.

Your user behavior determines which data is saved where: Often-used data is put on fast but costly storage devices that need basically no loading time. Seldomly used data is shifted to slower magnetic tapes which are notably cheaper. This means you receive the ideal combination of access speed, security and cost-efficiency.

Do you want open source software for efficient archiving? Do you have any questions concerning OpenArchive or do you require individual advice for your company? Feel free to directly contact us here.