Ideal Protection Against Ransomware for Your Backup

BlockySuite is your shield of protection against ransomware that has already breached other defensive measures. It’s the last and at the same time most secure defense line for Windows systems to avoid loss of data: “Your Last Line of Defense.”

Blocky4Backup is called into action as the first product in the BlockySuite series by GRAU DATA. It provides optimal security for your backup data against ransomware and malware.

Again and again, malicious software manages to break through generic protection programs. In such a case, Blocky4Backup is the last and at the same time the most secure defense that will protect your data and let malware bounce off. Blocky4Backup is tailored especially to the protection of backups and can therefore work with more precision than generic protection software. In addition, it offers a notably simplified configuration and copes without a complicated administration overhead.

Backup is a focal area in ransomware protection of companies, due to cyber attacks targeting the destruction of backup data most of the time. Your data will be securely guarded at all times with Blocky4Backup as the last line of defense.


What if suddenly all of your company data was encrypted and the perpetrator demanded high ransom? Ransomware is becoming a growing threat for companies of all sizes and branches. The number of attacks is rapidly increasing. At the same time it is becoming more and more difficult to protect oneself from these attacks. When a computer becomes infected with ransomware, it poses a threat of colossal damage to the whole company.

Generic protection programs do not offer one-hundred-percent protection from ransomware since one or the other attacker falls through the cracks in the flood of attacks. In such a case, Blocky4Backup constitutes the last and most secure defense line for your data.


The effective protection of Blocky4Backup is guaranteed by a security module. As a gate to your data, it enables access to you first – of course only for authenticated processes. That means there is no way for malware through this gate.

The WORM functionality of Blocky4Backup prevents any kind of modification of data without explicit authorization. To identify authorized processes, BlockySuite uses the application fingerprint. This way, Blocky4Backup forms a secure shield for your data in Windows systems.




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