HSM, Archiving and Secure Filesharing Software

GRAU DATA offers cost-efficient solutions for secure, long-term and audit-compliant archiving of data in accordance with legal requirements regardless of the hardware or archive applications as well as a communication platform for secure and worldwide data exchange. The products are scalable from one terabyte up to several petabytes.

Data compliance
WORM protection for archiving of data in compliance with legal requirements.
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Data archiving
Flexible HSM and archiving of data scalable up to petabyte dimensions.
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High-performance storage
Storage management for high- performance applications such as Lustre, FhGFS, etc.
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Open source data archiving
Flexible and scalable archiving solution. Open source derivative of ArchiveManager.
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Secure and worldwide data exchange
Data exchange platform with modern software architecture for enterprises and organizations. > more